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About us

We are a group of friendly guys from Czech Republic, Slovakia, Portugal, UK…ok, I guess you got our point. We are a remote company and we love to create great solutions for our clients (no matter where they are from too).

We used to be part of Ents, a Design and Frontend company in other areas non-related with E-Commerce. In 2016 we become official Shopify Experts and from the end of 2018 we launched this new agency, solely focused on Shopify.

It has been a crazy ride, full of learning experiences and successes. That's why we felt like it was time to make our small Shopify Experts department independent.

We’re slowly growing our remote team, but our priority is not have a huge office in San Francisco with 500 employees. Our goal is to provide you all the services you need for your business online - so you don’t need ever again to look for a freelancer you don’t know to do the job you need.

Remote Work

Only those who never tried, think it's impossible to do it 🙂

Our company is legaly based in Brno, Czech Republic, and only one of us (David) is actually living there. Working remotely presents its challenges, but also advantages:

  • Very high communication standard. In order to focus on the important things we can't afford any misunderstanding
  • Saving time. By avoiding unnecessary meetings and keeping focus on our customers' goals, we are able to deliver results faster
  • Diversity. Being a remote agency we don't need to limit ourselves to the talent in our local area, but we're able to recruit the best regardless of their origins

If a project is very demanding, we have no troubles on getting on the plane to meet face-to-face. We know and value the importance of great communication and management during any project, that’s why we use tools like:

  • Slack
  • Trello
  • Dropbox | Google Drive
  • Hangouts | Skype

… and many more, in order to keep it super simple to reach us.

We earned trust with many it’s now your turn to give us a chance.

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