We are (G)ents

We're brand that resells brands... Not actually, we're young company from Czech (and Slovak) called Ents and we've launched this e-commerce to get chance to apply for Shopify Expert. We really like Shopify as platform, because it enable us to deliver our clients good ecommerce for good price. That's why we've decided to launch CeskeShopify.cz for Czech and Slovaks to make it easier to start using Shopify in our countries as well.


Ents team


Since it was a lowcost project, we used our own clothing and equipment. As a models were staring our designers and developers. Than we created simple clean design and developed it and put it on shopify.

Martin Halik and Ents team

PS If you like this theme feel free to contact us - it's available.
PSS if you want your unique theme or help, we're ready to assist you even without Shopify Expert badge
PSSS We are very sorry to those of you, who have found your shirt, but we can provide the actual contact to seller :).